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Our company operates as a shipping and storage tank leasing company, and also provides freight forwarding, calculation and control of loading/unloading of cargo at the port, a review of services, delivery of food courts, provision of vehicles and freight forwarders to carry out orders ship loaders, cargo, transportation of crude oil and icebreakers in the Arctic. We are engaged in the business of Oil Products storage, via our vast Storage Tank Facilities within the Rotterdam Port territories terminals, and Oil tanker ships.

Carbossa International B.V is an independent storage and transport company specializing in petroleum products and Jet Fuel, petrochemicals and biodiesel. The competence and actively of the staff are also important to Carbossa International B.V success. Along with the modern quality materials and modern facilities, this are what create a truly reliable company. Carbossa International B.V has customers all over the world with its main focus on all ports in Russia, Europe, Asia and United State. Carbossa International B.V renders many more services in related to storage and transshipment of petroleum products of all kind to customers all around the globe.


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With 230,500 m³ of storage capacity and 163 tanks in virtually every size and type imaginable,Carbossa International BV is the number one independent expert in tank storage for liquids. Whether you want to store chemicals, biodiesels or base oils and lubricants, in large or small quantities, in stainless steel, coated or mild steel storage tanks: you can be assured that Carbossa International BV will always have the perfect solution for your specific needs.

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The production of crude oil and storage of petroleum products / petrochemicals is part of the ferrying of the fuel and energy sector. Crude oil for the first time is allocated to the refineries of companies that conduct exploration and production. Crossing the sector includes transportation, storage and wholesale sale of petroleum products after extraction.