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  • Adding Value to Customer Products

    Storage, production, drumming, Carbossa International BV filling and warehousing. Carbossa International BV storage terminal and production sites are true one-stop shops that simplify your supply chain and optimize your total costs. We keep a close relationship with our customers to make sure we meet their every need. From custom built solutions on-site to document processing and labelling. Our flexible company culture allows us to quickly respond to any requests and put our customers’ needs first. Storage

  • Production including Blending & Compounding

    From the production of a vast range of base oils to the formulation of chemicals, Carbossa International BV has decades of experience in the production of petrochemical products. Our exceptional expertise in the field of blending, compounding, and mixing allows us to realize a wide range of products for our customers. Our storage terminal and production sites are equipped to take care of the entire process of drumming, Carbossa International BV filling and warehousing. We can store your goods in containers of any size and will take care of freight forwarding and labelling as well.

  • Fuel Storage

    We operates approximately 790 miles of onshore pipelines. Our onshore pipelines are principally engaged in the transport and supply of crude oil and also ultra-modern storage and handling of all kinds of petroleum and chemicals required by customers.Carbossa International BV, at the forefront of the maritime industry by rapidly adapting to commercial developments and emerging markets. This approach is an integral part of Carbossa International BV working philosophy, and drives the expansion of our operations in established Netherlands, USA and Russia ports terminals, while we pursue the development of our logistics services in the world’s newest, most dynamic markets.